Tuesday, November 25, 2008


me with the chef outside a local japanese restaurant

It is almost my bedtime and I am sitting here eating m&m's. I want to tell you about China. In China there is KFC but the chicken is spicy. We had some popcorn chicken and it burned our mouths. They like spicy food here. I still like the popcorn chicken even if it is hot.

There are different types of schools and at my school we had an Autumn Fair and we played lots of games. My friend goes to a different school that has a swimming pool. I have another friend who is home-schooled that is going on a vacation to Canada.

We got a new house today, but my Dad said it might be after Christmas before we get to move into it. I will share a room with my little brother. I get to sleep in the top bunk. I hope my room will have rainbows on the wall, and girly stuff. My brother might not like that, but he is only four and he does like rainbows and fairy princesses


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Hey G! :) You like the chicken EVEN IF it's spicy? Wow! You're even braver than I am!

You know, when I eat spicy things, I get all swollen in my throat and inside my nose, because I'm allergic!

I'm excited about your new bunk bed! I always wanted a bunk bed and to sleep on top!

I hope your rainbows have all the colors of the M&M's!

kisses 'n' kittens,

Judith said...

I think everybody who is anybody loves rainbows. I hope you post a picture when you're room is finished. I love your blog.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Merry Christmas, princess! :)